Default Renderers for the Ultimate FlexDataGrid and the Classic DataGrids

clock July 30, 2011 23:12 by author Flexicious

The Classic and Ultimate Libraries, out of the box, come with a series of renderers. For example, in Ultimate, when you enable MultiColumnSort, the box that comes up like below, is a default renderer. Same applies for the pager control, the Print Preview window, the Print and Export Options windows.

One of the major considerations when authoring a reusable library component is that you have to allow of ease of customization. Everything we do, every API we add, we keep this in mind. As a product that is used at hundreds of companies, the clarity of API, and ease of use in terms of extensibility is crucial to the success of our product. At the same time, we want you to be able to run with what's out of the box without any major hurdles. One of the key feedback we got from our customers is how easy it is to simply drop the swc in, change the declarations from mx:DataGrid to either grids:ExtendedDataGrid(Classic) or flxs:FlexDataGrid (Ultimate), and leverage all our features. But at the same time, say you wish to modify the built in Print Preview - or the Toolbar or the MultiColumnSort. Its' nice to know what the default one does to model your code on top of it. Usually you just reach out to support and we send these to you. But, in this post, we'd like to publish all our out of the box renderers in one place. (24.09 kb)

Flex Toaster Notifications

clock July 25, 2011 15:22 by author Flexicious

Some of our guests who have been evaluating Flexicious complained about the annoying Nag Dialog on item click that wont let you edit. It has been long on our TODO list to take care of that issue, and finally, we are able to provide a trial version of the library with no Nag Dialog.

But the good thing about that effort is that we now have a built in ability to show handy Toaster notifications. This is as easy as:

var toast:Toaster=new Toaster();


There is a default renderer that is used, but you can easily provide your own renderer. The default renderer is attached for you to modify to suit your needs!

Happy Toasting!!

Sample Toaster Message:



Default Renderer:

DefaultRenderer.mxml (1.08 kb)

Flexicious 2.4 Released!

clock July 19, 2011 10:43 by author Flexicious

It seems all our blog posts these days are announcing new releases. We're very excited about the rapid adoption rate for Ultimate, and we want to ensure we give it all we have. With Ultimate, we are able to provide much needed LOB features very rapidly, and our release cycles are measured in weeks as opposed to months. This one is a particularly exciting release, since most of the features were built for a few of our Enterprise Level Customers who've helped us shape the roadmap for the product. Word of caution, this release is particularly heavy on API additions. Below is just a summary, when you get the swc, hover over each of the properties mentioned below for additional documentation. We will also be updating the online docs shortly. Below are the list of features and associated API changes.

  • Enhancement, Classic/Ultimate: AutoComplete Support Added for TextInput, and the filter UI.  Icon support added to Text Input. Below is a snapshot of this functionality:
    • There are a few properties that were added to TextInput to support this:
      • enableAutoComplete
      • autoCompleteLabelField
      • autoCompleteDataField
      • autoCompleteMatchType
      • autoCompleteSource/dataProvider
      • autoCompleteItemRenderer (Defaults to BoldItemRenderer)
      • autoCompleteLabelFunction
      • autoCompleteWidth
      • autoCompleteRowCount
    • There are a few Style Attributes added to TextInput to support this:
      • autoCompleteStyleName
      • icon
      • iconPosition
    • Finally, newly added events to TextInput:
      • iconClick
    • The following properties were added to column classes to support this:
      • enableFilterAutoComplete
      • clearFilterOnIconClick
    • The following style properties were added to the column classes to support this:
      • filterIcon
      • filterIconPosition


  • Enhancement, Classic/Ultimate: Multi Select ComboBox now has Ok/Cancel buttons. Below is the snapshot of this functionality.
    • The following properties were added to MSCB to support this.
      • addOkCancel
      • buttonOkLabel
      • buttonCancelLabel
    • The following styles were added to support this:
      • buttonBoxStyleName
      • buttonStyleName
  • Enhancement Ultimate: Support for Error Styles: Styles were added to highlight errors cells. This is of particular importance when there is validation occurring on the server side, and you wish to highlight items in red that failed validation. A screen shot of this behavior is below: 
  • The following methods were added to FlexDataGrid to support this.
    • setErrorByKey
    • setErrorByObject
    • clearErrorByKey
    • clearErrorByObject
    • clearAllErrors
    • getError
    • getAllErrorString
  • The following style properties were added:
    • errorBackgroundColor
    • errorBorderColor
  • The following example was added to demonstrate this:
    • Error Handling (Ultimate)
  • Support for Icons in Columns (Ultimate): 2.4 adds a lot of cool features around support for icons, tooltips and hover-overs. There are numerous scenarios supported out of the box:
    • Icon and Text
    • Icon Only
    • Dynamic Icons (based on row data)
    • Icon on Row Hover
    • Icon on Cell Hover
    • Icon with static tooltip
    • Icon with dynamic tooltip
    • Icon with custom hover over, (with timers to control how long the hover over sticks)


  • Some examples:


  • The following properties were added to FlexDataGridColumn to support this.
    • enableIcon
    • iconField
    • iconFunction
    • iconMouseOverDelay
    • iconHandCursor
    • iconToolTip
    • iconToolTipFunction
    • iconTooltipRenderer
    • showIconOnRowHover
    • showIconOnCellHover
    • hideText
    • hideHeaderText
  • The following style properties were added to FlexDataGridColumn to support this.
    • Icon
    • overIcon
    • disabledIcon
    • headerIcon
    • iconLeft
    • iconRight
    • iconTop
    • iconBottom
  • The following events were added to FlexDataGrid to support this:
    • iconMouseOver
    • iconClick
    • iconMouseOut
  • The following example was added to demonstrate this functionality:
    • IconColumns
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Selection bubbling, cascade and TriState checkbox: Previously, we could only define a tristate checkbox in the header cell. We have extended this functionality to data cells with children. So you could have something like:
    • The following properties were added to FlexDataGrid  to support this:
      • enableTristateCheckBox
      • enableSelectionBubble
      • enableSelectionCascade  
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Dynamic Levels. In grouped data scenarios, it’s often not known upfront how deep your hierarchy is. Since Grouped Data is simply repeating the top level columns for each nested level, we added a property to just clone the top level as we encounter children at the next level
    • The following properties were added to FlexDataGrid  to support this:
      • enableDynamicLevels
    • The following events were added to FlexDataGrid  to support this:
      • dynamicLevelCreated
      • dynamicAllLevelsCreated
    • The following example was added to demonstrate this:
      • DynamicLevels
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Addition of the displayOrder property. Classic has had this property for a while, but Ultimate didn’t. Now, each level of the Ultimate grid can define its own display order. Please note, to be consistent with Classic, the default displayOrder is “pager,header,filter,body,footer”. This makes the pager (toolbar) appear on top.
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Easily set selection and open nodes programmatically. These methods all recurse through the levels to apply the selection values. Using the “keys” version of these methods is especially helpful when you make a server roundtrip and replace the data with newer objects from the database:
    • The following properties were methods to FlexDataGrid  to support this:
      • setOpenKeys
      • getOpenKeys
      • setSelectedObjects
      • getSelectedObjects
      • setSelectedKeys
      • getSelectedKeys
  • Enhancement (Ultimate):Built in support for auto refresh:
    • The following properties were methods to FlexDataGrid  to support this:
      • enableAutoRefresh
      • autoRefreshInterval
      • lastAutoRefresh
    • The following events were methods to FlexDataGrid  to support this:
      • autoRefresh
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Keyboard Support
    • Significantly improved keyboard support
    • enableKeyboardNavigation is enabled by default.
    • Added the “activeCellStyle” to aid in keyboard navigation with row selection mode.
    • Added the itemEditorApplyOnValueCommit property to FlexDataGridColumn, for editors like ComboBoxes and DatePickers.
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Radio button selection mode, disable select all.
    • The following properties were added to support this:
      • Added radioButtonMode to FlexDataGridCheckBoxColumn
      • Added allowSelectAll to FlexDataGridCheckBoxColumn
  • Enhancement (Ultimate): Scrollbars covering only the scrollable area. This is more of an aesthetic thing, where the scrollbars only cover the scrollable area.
    • The following style properties were added to FlexDataGridColumn to support this.
      • fixedColumnFillColors
      • The header/filter/footerBackgroundColors styles are used for the vertical scroll bar fill.
  • Bug Fixes/Minor Enhancements (Ultimate)
    • Fixed number of issues with accessibility support
    • Fixed issues with expand/collapse causing cells to render outside the bounds of the grid
    • Fixed issues with refresh causing filler cells to resize unexpectedly
    • Fixed issue with hierarchical nest indent
    • Fixed issue with the spinner not showing when showSpinnerOnFilterPageSort=true
    • Enhanced redraw performance after page/filter change
    • Enhanced tooltip support by associating a timer for hover over delay and hover mouse out. This way, the tooltip does not inadvertently disappear when the user moves the mouse.
    • Added support for shift-select
    • Added property “caseInsensitiveSort” to FlexDataGridColumn.
    • Fixed issues with the cell not picking up the correct border, background and text colors.
    • Fixed issues with horizontalScrollPolicy=on and cells not drawing properly under certain scenarios.
    • Added flxs namespace for Ultimate