Print, Print Preview and Export to PDF have long been one of our strongest selling points. This feature alone has taken many man months worth of effort to conceptualize, build and hone. With Flexicious 3.1 (About to be released), this feature is being opened up to pretty much any component. We architected the Print, Print Preview and Export to PDF so that it is quite loosely coupled with the rest of the API. This is how we could simply use most of the same code base to do the print and print preview for our Dashboard component. One of our consulting customers had a need to print Reports independant of the Flexicious Grids. Since we already had done this for our Dashboard API, we simply were able to reuse that same logic and extend the Print, Print Preview and Export to PDF for any component. All you have to do is to implement a couple interfaces, provide us with the Print Version of the component, and voila, you get all the Print, Preview, PDF export goodness!

Below is a screenshot and the associated print output, as well as the code used to make it happen.




Generated PDF Doc.pdf (241.54 kb)


Report.mxml (7.14 kb)


PrintReport.mxml (6.61 kb)