As most of you are aware, we have now expanded our product offerings to a number of different technologies.  Over the past year, we’ve continued to improve our products across all the technologies. Since our core architecture is the same across all our product lines, improvements made to one product line is quickly ported to all others.


2017 was a busy year for us, and below are some of the things we accomplished (These are just the highlights):


All Customers:


Our latest release of all our products (Flex,HTML,iOS, Android, React, WebComponents) has a big improvement – much smoother horizontal scrolling.  We’ve made a significant change in how we do renderer recycling across all our products. We already had this approach working with vertical scrolling for a while now, and we finally ported it to horizontal scrolling as well. For most grids the difference will be minor – but if you have grids with a very large number of columns, and especially if your cells have a lot of styling (colors, background colors, etc) you should see visible performance gains.


For Flex/Air Customers:

We’ve added support for every Flex SDK released  (as of this writing, 4.16), as well as Air 27. We will continue to improve support our Flex/Air based products for the foreseeable future.


For HTML Customers:


Support for Angular 5. As most of you are aware, we already integrate with AngularJS as we talked about in this blog post : . With our latest release, we have added support for Angular 5:


Introduction of a Pure Native React DataGrid:

React has for a while been now gaining momentum, and some would argue is on track to bypass angular in terms of popularity. For those of our customers who have chosen to go with react, We released a native React based datagrid component. Its already on version 1.7 and is constantly getting better.


WebComponents: In addition to React and Angular, WebComponents is gaining a lot of momentum because its built on open standards and as browsers evolve, will be supported fully natively without the need for a third party framework like React or Angular. This is one of the reasons some of our largest Enterprise customers are investing in this technology and we are partnering with them to ensure our product is available to them in that ecosystem. A lot of the work is available on github  



iOS/Android Customers:


  • We have released multiple updates to our iOS and Android products. For Android
  • ·      Support for latest Android releases (Api level 27)
  • ·      Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
  • ·      Support for Xamarin (Android only)
  • ·      For iOS, support for Swift
  • ·      We have also opensourced our iOS product offering, so you can use it at no cost!! :



More importantly, we’ve grown more from a pure product company to a consulting organization. We now have dozens of people working on projects that use our products for a number of customers. For Flex, HTML (Angular, React, Web Components), Android, as well as iOS. This helps us continuously improve our products as well as assist customers with their unique requirements. Since the datagrid component is at the heart of most business applications, we’re uniquely positioned to assist our customers develop applications faster and better than most other consulting companies. To find out how we can help you jumpstart your project, contact us today!