1. Enhancement: The Print Preview now has resizable columns
  2. Enhancement: Print now supports renderer providers for Advanced DataGrid
  3. Enhancement: The Preference Persistence mechanism will remember your last print settings, columns you choose to print, the widths you set, header/footer options etc! (Existing Clients: This will require you to get 2 updated files from the Sample project. Details on release.)
  4. Enhancement: Added the columnWidthOffset to manage cases where there is custom formatting for columns of "fitToContent"
  5. Fix: Fix for last row being cut off in print - Use rowHeight, set it to an explicit value.
  6. Enhancement: Added the runCurrentSort to advanced datagrid, so in addition to setting the sort icons, it will actually run the sort.
  7. Fix - Print for hierarchical and variable row height grids
  8. More to be added!!!

Edit 5/16
Let's add the showSpinner and hideSpinner method to the list.. .(Call this method and we show a spinning circle while you go get the data!) See documentation for com.flexicious.controls.Spinner to use it independantly, and the new Styles on the grid to style the spinner!