Your component is great.  Easy to use and very powerful.

Can you tell me how I can access the filter expressions from within a component that contains one of your extended datagrids?  I simply want to get the filter expressions that have been entered and use them for another purpose.



Depending on what you want to do, there are multiple ways. Look at example 5 on the demo
http://www.flexicious.com/Home/Demo, here in the filterPageSortEvent,

function onFilterPageSortChange(event:FilterPageSortChangeEvent): void 
event.filter.arguments will contain all the arguments.


In the next release, we will have a public function that will fit the bill:
grid.getFilterArguments, but for now, if you really need it, you could extend the grid, and have the following function in the extended grid:

public function getFilterArguments():ArrayCollection
  var filterArgs:ArrayCollection=new  ArrayCollection();
   for each(var row:DataGridFilterRow in filterRows){
     for each(var arg:Object in row.getFilterArguments()){
  return filterArgs;