When we released the dashboard framework a couple months ago, we had no idea what kind of a demand there would be for a product like this. When we add a feature or introduce a new component, we try to add potent firepower to your arsenal. However, you all fight variedly different battles,  some of you need sniper rifles while others need B52s. Then once in a while, we release a swiss army knife that all of you can use ?. It appears Dashboard is one of these tools. We've seen tremendous demand for this product, and there's tremendous development effort dedicated towards it. Most LOB applications have some sort of a welcome dashboard. And more importantly, this is the face of your application. It is the FIRST thing your customer sees,  its the first thing your sales folks are going to demo. Its what gives your consumer the impression that s/he is looking at a polished, well designed, and robust system.  You will notice that while most of the demos for the grid products  are bland, and focus purely on the functionality, with the dashboard, we've tried to add as much UX polish as possible. Each demo tries to skin and style things differently, because we want to provide you with everything you need to build killer RIAs.
We've been very hard at work with the dashboard. Just 6 weeks after the initial release, we released a major update with 6 new components!! But wait, that does not mean we're done. Here is a peek of what is coming up. Drumrolll please..

Introducing the all new, all powerful, SPARK based, Tiny Charts. A Whole Lotta punch, packed in a tiny space. Designed to be very lightweight, extensible, and customizable, these widgets will let you present more information without consuming prime dashboard real estate. Ok, so here is the screenshot:

Just a quick update, this is still a work in progress, but we wanted to share whats coming to hear your feedback on it!


Update : We now have full fledged spark based charting framework : http://blog.flexicious.com/post/Flexicious-30-Release-Dashboard-and-Charting-Edition.aspx