The first big thing you will notice about our dashboard framework – Performance.


Screen Load | Average






Screen Load | Average





Note : Timings running in debug mode. Release mode timings are MUCH faster, approx 1/3rd of this. Second, vast majority of time is consumed by the heavy Flex 3 Charts that are in the dashlets.

We’ve managed to shave off a good 20% off the load time for each of the screens. Now, note that these are debug mode timings – release mode timings are MUCH faster. Also, most of the time above is spent rendering the heavy Flex Chart components. We’ve found that using too many of these on a screen can kill performance, the core dashboard shells are now VERY light weight.

Second, the recently announced Tiny Charts have been a hit so far with our customers. Officially a part of 2.9, they were too good to hold back until the 2.9 release, so we’ve been shipping them for a while now. Now, with the 2.9 release, these will be made compatible with IListItemRenderer so you can use them inside data grids. These differ from the stock Flex Charts significantly in that they are VERY light weight. This is a key feature. These controls are a prime fit where the much heavier, slower stock Flex components are not a good fit.

A screen shot of how crazy you can go with this below (Warning: Do not try this at home with the stock flex components Laughing ):

TinyCharts have been shipping for a while now, and being used by a number of our customers. We’re going to be adding to and enhancing the Dashboard Product in future releases, and we are looking forward to user feedback to make this an indispensible tool just as our Grid products have become for Enterprise Application Development.

For those of you with an eye for fine details, you’ll notice that the tiny charts in the last column above are ----- yes, they’re 3D!!! Now, this is just a beginning – our new 3D Bar and Column Tiny Charts. This is just small step forward on our data visualization bits. We’re working on a full fledged lightweight charting components optimized for mobile, however, these were solid enough to release.

The other nice addition is the addition of the taskbar. This can be used to minimize the dashlets to the taskbar similar to what you would see in windows. Screenshot below:

The enableTaskbar property was added to make this happen:

Flag to draw a task bar UI at the bottom. Please ensure you set enableMinimize on your dashlets so it can be minimized to taskbar. You can customize the appearance of the task bar via the skin.