Automating Flex Applications is a key aspect of Enterprise Application Development. Out of the box Flex Supports a rich Automation framework, with a plugin based Automation API mechanism that automation tools can use to perform recording and playback. There are many automation tools available in the market, including FlexMonkey by GorillaLogic, QTP by HP (Formerly Mercury). Borland SilkTest, RIATest, Selenium-Flex, etc. Most of our clients currently either use QTP or FlexMonkey.


Automation usually involves a few steps in terms of setup. The first step is to get the agent link swc embedded into the application. The agent swc is usually provided by the Vendor that makes the Automation tool. The second step is to pull in the Automation swcs for the Flexicious Classic (ClassicAutomation.swc) or Flexicious Ultimate (UltimateAutomation.swc), and link them as linked libraries. The third step is to modify the environment file, which is a custom file for each automation tool. Once this setup is complete, automation is ready for use. The name of the Automation File for FlexMonkey is FlexMonkeyENV.xml, and the one for QTP is TEAFlex.xml. Both are included in the links below.

Below, please find two links, for QTP and FlexMonkey

The latest automation libraries are here : (19.68 kb)

Libraries for Flex 3 are here: (17.38 kb)