The Classic and Ultimate Libraries, out of the box, come with a series of renderers. For example, in Ultimate, when you enable MultiColumnSort, the box that comes up like below, is a default renderer. Same applies for the pager control, the Print Preview window, the Print and Export Options windows.

One of the major considerations when authoring a reusable library component is that you have to allow of ease of customization. Everything we do, every API we add, we keep this in mind. As a product that is used at hundreds of companies, the clarity of API, and ease of use in terms of extensibility is crucial to the success of our product. At the same time, we want you to be able to run with what's out of the box without any major hurdles. One of the key feedback we got from our customers is how easy it is to simply drop the swc in, change the declarations from mx:DataGrid to either grids:ExtendedDataGrid(Classic) or flxs:FlexDataGrid (Ultimate), and leverage all our features. But at the same time, say you wish to modify the built in Print Preview - or the Toolbar or the MultiColumnSort. Its' nice to know what the default one does to model your code on top of it. Usually you just reach out to support and we send these to you. But, in this post, we'd like to publish all our out of the box renderers in one place. (24.09 kb)