In the upcoming release, we have added support for Drag Drop Grouping. This is an exciting new feature that a number of you have asked for, and it is finally being added. As a part of this release, there is a new component, a DragGroupingBar, which will work hand in hand with the grid to make it simple for you to enable Drag and Drop grouping. All you have to do is to drop the grouping bar on the screen and wire it up to the grid like below:


      <grouping:GroupingDragBar id="groupByTestButton">


      <nestedtreedatagrid:FlexDataGrid groupingDragBar="{groupByTestButton}" styleName="myGridStyle" id="grid" width="100%" height="100%" enablePrint="true" enablePreferencePersistence="true"


                                                       enableExport="true" enableCopy="true" preferencePersistenceKey="simpleGrid"

And the grid will take care of the rest!

Below is a screenshot:


And here is a video of the grouping in action: