Below are a few questions that have come up in the past few days that are actually asked quite frequently. So wanted to post it up here for quick reference.

Question : We are setting the errorString to the FlexDataGrid by calling dataGrid.setErrorByObject method. This is disabling the entire row. We don't want the row to be disabled we just want cell to show the errorString.  Currently the behavior is datagrid row is getting disabled and errorString is appearing. Since the row is disabled we are not able to hover, select the row any more.We tried calling rowDisabledFunction and returning null but that is not working rows are still disabled.

Answer : So the rows are not actually disabled, just that the rollover colors are not applied. The way the grid works, is if there is a row in error state, the errorBackgroundColor style is always applied. This works fine, since it is unusual to have all rows in error as appears in your example

If you want the grid to have rollover error cells, you can always define a custom rowBackgroundColorFunction, as demonstrated in the attached example.

                  public function myrowBackgroundColorFunction(cell:IFlexDataGridCell):*{


                              return cell.getStyleValue("rollOverColor");

                        }else if(cell.level.isItemSelected({

                              return cell.getStyleValue("selectionColor");


                        return null;




Question : We have a requirement to perform cancel edit when enter is pressed on the last row.For some odd reason, when grid.destroyItemEditor() is called, the blue rectangle is still drawn, unlike when escape is pressed.This blue edit border is still there even after the user click the cell next to it. Is there a workaround to force the editor border not to be drawn when destroItemEditor() is called?

Answer : For this issue, please try calling grid.getCurrentEditor().drawFocus(false); focusManager.setFocus(grid); before calling destroyItemEditor.


Question : We need to perform certain action each time the user moves/tabs out from an editable cell of the datagrid. Is there any focus out handler for the same?
Answer : Please use itemEditCancel


Question : How to make certain columns picked up excel report and ignored the others? 
 Answer : You can set excludeFromExport=true for the colums you want to exclude from the export.


      Question : 


I used
multiColumnSortNumberStyleName for the columnGroup and sortIcon for the column sortArrowSkin="mx.skins.spark.DataGridSortArrow"
Below is my style

    fontFamily: AmplitudeEmbedded;
    color: #FFFFFF;
    rollOverColor: #FFFFFF;
    fontSize: 14px;
    gap: 3;
    paddingTop: 0;
    paddingBottom: 0;
    paddingLeft: 5;
    paddingRight: 0;
    dataCellEmbeddedFonts: true;
    backgroundColor: aqua;

Sort Numbers are getting visible with Grey color where i have given color as white. But when i rollover on to the column header sort numbers are disappearing. When i rollout sort numbers are visible.
I  tried to change the backgroundColor for multiSortColumn but still it is taking the column header color only.

Can you please send me an example where
columHeaderColors, multiColumnSortNumberStyleName and sortArrowSkin are used.

Answer : Please see below:



McsStyle.mxml (853.00 bytes)