Are you frustrated trying to get the AdvancedDataGrid confirm to your UI requirements?? Have you hit a brick wall trying to get renderer providers and summary rows work with grouping collections and column groups? Read on!

Today, if you wish to display hierarchical data in a DataGrid format, there are only two choices. One is the MX Advanced DataGrid, and the other is Flexicious Ultimate DataGrid. The MX Advanced DataGrid has been around for a while, and we extended its capabilities via the Flexicious AdvancedDataGrid.

We introduced Ultimate when we were certain that the things our clients were requesting were simply not possible to accomplish using the SDK base.

For example, navigate to this link and scroll to the last example. This is the MX ADG being used with a renderer provider. Try to expand all items, and scroll. Now contrast with this. Expand a few items, scroll. Basically, you'll simply not be able to achieve this behavior with the ADG because it lacks smooth scrolling.

Another example where Ultimate is the ONLY choice, is where you need nested subgrids. Here is an example: . The ADG also has known limitations with large number of grouped columns, as we to go over here.

There are numerous other things that only Ultimate can do, or do it better, as we've tried to surmise on the features page.

For veteran Flex developers, the AdvancedDataGrid is a little bit of a love hate relationship. See here and here. We had our share of frustration working with it. In its defense, it does many things very well, and in some cases, it's just not the right tool for the job. In most of these cases, Ultimate is the solution.

It's barely been 3 months since Ultimate has been out, and we're already into release 2.3, and we're not looking back. Ultimate IS, by any standard, the MOST feature rich DataGrid component in Flex. Period. A vast number of our clients have already upgraded to Ultimate and are using it in Enterprise Applications. Some have signed on specifically because of the things Ultimate can do. Thousands of developers at hundreds of world class organizations trust Flexicious in their mission critical applications, and we would like you to be among us.