With 2.5 just barely out, we've been hard at work preparing for 2.6. One of the most visible features of 2.6.... Drumroll Please...... Row Span, Col Span and Merged Cells. Once again ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in the history of Flex, a DataGrid that supports the ability to define row and column spans.

A Picture is better than a thousand words, so we'll save the markup and discussion about the API changes for a latest post, but this was looking way too good to let it sit in the oven until the 2.6 release.

We're looking for existing customers or prospects to try out the early release for 2.6, so please feel free to reach out to us using the request trial page to and let us know if you are interested!!

Row Span:


Col Span:


Update : For those of you who are evaluating the cell merge functionality, the trial download does not contain the related demo file. While we're in the process of publishing it to the demo site as well as the trial download, you can use the test project bellow in the interim. (You will need the trial library which you can get using the Download Trial Link)

CellMerge.zip (6.34 kb)