Update : We have updated the demo to include the components shown below : http://www.flexicious.com/Home/Dashboard 

So the Flexicious Dashboard Framework started off as a little bit of an underdog eclipsed by the larger shadow of Ultimate. Ultimate has been our best selling and most successful product, but slowly and surely, Dashboard is catching up. It is one of those things that gets our development team, as well as our customers excited, and gives us a little room to exercise our creative/user experience muscles a little bit, something that we sorely missed while working on Ultimate. There’s only so much jazz you can add to a datagrid. But with a dashboard framework, it opens up a whole new arena for creative innovation. So that said, Introducing for the first time in the history of Flex…..

A full-fledged, Spark Based, Completely Skinnable, and extremely light weight Charting Framework. Most of you are familiar with our vast array of data visualization tools like the TinyCharts, the Gauges, the Stop Lights, Bullet Charts, Sparklines, and the like. Our goal is simple – the Flex Charts are very well built, and they are very feature rich. However, they are not spark based, and they are quite heavy. Our goal with the Flexicious Dashboard Framework Charting Library has been to maintain that level of Features, while at the same time leveraging the Skinning Aspects from Spark, while at the same time keeping the Charts extremely light weight. For this release, we focused on feature parity with the SDK charts. And this in itself is a huge undertaking. Although we are not quite all the way there yet, we have tried to cover the vast majority of use cases that most people encounter. Our next step will be obviously getting as close as we can to full feature parity. But wait, we could not simply offer you what’s in the sdk already, that would be so bland. So, in addition to all the basic SDK Charts, you have .. Durmroll please….. 3D Pie Charts! 3D Bar and Column Charts! What is that? You want more? 3d Pyramid Charts… You thought that was all? 3d Funnel Charts… This is in addition to all other charts- Line, Area, Bubble, CandleStick, HLOC, Plot, MultiSeries, Zoom Charts, AND, all of this in an extremely lightweight, Spark based package. Oh – and please – keep sending us your feedback. Some of you have sent us screenshots of stuff you have done with our dashboards and it is FANTASTIC! One of the reasons we invested so much into the Dashboard Framework is because of the enthusiasm you have shown in using and adopting it, and are building great things with it. Below is a quick rundown of the new components, with  screen shots for some eye candy.

    A native Flex 3d Pie Chart:  The great thing about this is that it draws in an elliptical manner, so unlike our old TinyChart, it can fit in an area that is not necessarily square, which makes it usable in may more places.


3d Column & Bar Charts: Full featured 3d Column and Bar Chart with support for Stacked, Clustered, 100% and Overlaid chart types.


Area Charts: 


Line Charts: Line charts with support for segment, step, vertical, horizontal and reverse step line modes.


Bubble, HLOC, CandleStick and Plot Charts! 


A 3D Pyramid component:



A 3D Funnel component:



Zoom Based Google Finance like Charts:




API Changes:

There are way too many API changes (since most of these charts come with their own API), to list here, but following are some other API changes not related to charts:
 Renamed the dropIndicator to resizeIndicator. So if you have custom skins, you might need to modify it as such:
<s:Rect id="dropresizeIndicator" left="0" right="0" height="1" bottom="0" visible="false"  includeInLayout="false">
There should be a new dropIndicator:
<container:DashedBorderContainer id="dropIndicator" left="0" right="0" height="1" bottom="0" visible="false"  includeInLayout="false">. The new sample code contain this. 

Here is the updated skin:

DashboardSkin.mxml (12.35 kb)

This generates a nice drop area like the below when you drag and drop: