Flexicious 3.0 Release - Flex/Air Mobile DataGrid, Charting and Data Visualization

          As most of you know, the SDK datagrids are not optimized for mobile. Adobe actually recommends not using it in mobile. However, many of our customers have a need to render datagrids in mobile applications. We have been wanting to get Ultimate to meet this requirement for a long time, and finally, in this release, we have included the first steps of this effort.. We did a lot of work on styles, themes, and a lot of the basic plumbing level work to get the grid to render on mobile. We have included a number of skins in the sample code that look GREAT on mobile applications. Mobile has become an area of huge momentum in flex, and our goal is to provide you with the same sort of polished component set for mobile that you are used to on the desktop. This release represents the first steps that we are taking towards that goal. We are now focusing on a lot of performance related work effort, as well as better support for some touch interaction. Right now however, we have bigger buttons, a styled scrollbar, and icons and skins that look good on a mobile experience. There is still work to be done, we need to add better support for touch events, and improve performance, but we wanted to get this out as soon as we could.. Here is a little eye candy:


In addition to making Ultimate mobile friendly, we have put in a lot of work in making the dashboard components mobile friendly. A lot of work has gone in to get this far, and we are investing heavily on this front. The Dashboard product complements mobile development very well, because they are ideally suited for information consumption and presentation that mobile devices are built for. Below are a few screenshots:

  1. Download the above samples from (choose appropriate)
  1. In Flash/Flex Builder, click on File -> Import, and choose the file(s) you downloaded in step 1.
  2. In the LIBS folder, place the your copy of the licensed swc
    • For Ultimate you will just need to place UltimateLib swc into your libs folder.
  3. For Ultimate, navigate to the src->TreeGrid.mxml (UltimateMobile.mxml for mobile), right click on it, and Debug or Run Application. Please note, Ultimate samples automatically load the html documents associated with the explanations. In some browsers, this may lead to a security error like below:
    • SecurityError: Error #2060: Security sandbox violation: ExternalInterface caller file:///C:/Users/YourUserName/Downloads/trials/FlexiciousUltimateFlex4Trial/bin-debug/TreeGrid.swf cannot access file:///C:/Users/YourUserName/Downloads/trials/FlexiciousUltimateFlex4Trial/bin-debug/TreeGrid.html.
    • If you encounter this error, click on dismiss all, and then on the flash area of the browser, Right Click -> Global Settings -> Advanced -> Trusted Location Settings -> Add -> Add the folder above (The one where the swf is located).
  • For Dashboard,
    • For 3.0 and above, you will need to import the DashboardShared project, as well as either the DashboardDesktop or DashboardMobile (or both) projects into Flash Builder. Then, drop the ClassicLib swc (or UltimateLib) as well as the DashboardLib.swc in libs folder for DashboardShared, and the DashboardLib.swc in to the libs folder for DashboardDesktop or DashboardMobile (or both). You should then be able to run the ComponentSample.mxml application (or MobileDashboard) via Right Click -> Run As.