Three Major (And one usual) Announcements

Those who watch our blog probably are wondering why we’ve been so quiet all this time. Usually when you see a long period of silence, it means we are working on something big. Today we have four major announcements to update you about what we have been doing over the past few months.

  • First, we’re releasing a whole new product, the HTML version of Ultimate. We are calling it the HTMLTreeGrid, because that’s what it is, an HTML TreeGrid component, based on the same code base as Ultimate.
  • Second, and this is a reinforcement to our commitment to supporting and enriching our Flex suite of products, a MAJOR 3.0 release for to our Dashboard Products - A full-fledged, Spark Based, Completely Skinnable, and extremely light weight Charting Framework, with 3d Bar, 3d Column, 3d Pie Charts, Line/Area/Multi/Bubble/Plot/HLOC/CandleStick charts, Pyramids, Funnels, Zoom/Slider Charts, and a lot more!
  • Third, and this is the first step in our goal of providing best of breed components on AIR Mobile, we’re releasing a version of the Dashboard and Ultimate with support for mobile. The work that has gone in so far represents a lot of the UI/Graphics, Look and Feel type and User Experience type effort. There is still work to be done, we need to add better support for touch events, and improve performance, but we wanted to get this out as soon as we could, since a number of you are asking for it.
  • Finally, this release adds exciting enhancements to the grid products, specifically Ultimatefull row edit, column header menu operations, much better tabbing support, completely redesigned column group rendering, native excel (xls) export in addition to usual list of enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Before we delve into the details, we would like to clarify a few things. The introduction of the HTMLTreeGrid is by no means an indication that our Flex business is winding down, on the contrary, it has been on a constant upswing ever since the Adobe fiasco. Sales/revenues for our Flex business in fact, have been growing year over year and Q1 2013 was our best quarter ever. Some of its success could be attributed to organic growth of the company, as well as an increase in our product offering, but we’re still selling new licenses and providing consulting services for greenfield projects. Another factor that we think is contributing to increasing sales is that Ultimate is the only DataGrid product that is seeing constant development and enhancements. It already left the SDK datagrids in the dust being with, and with the sdk grid development not seeing much action at Apache, Ultimate remains the only viable alternative for most folks doing Flex/Air development.

That said, there have been a number of customers who are either moving or contemplating moving off of flex, most notably to either Sencha EXT JS or DOJO. These customers have come to us with a desire to have Ultimate like functionality in their applications. Although both EXT-JS and DOJO offer quite powerful DataGrid components, the feature set, maturity, familiarity and LOB RIA functionality that Ultimate offers is a class apart. This is what led us to create the HTMLTreeGrid. We are a small company, and we’ve built solid branding and relationships with you by providing the best tools money can buy, tools that save you many man-months’ worth of effort, that are carefully crafted to match your scenarios and use cases. Tools that are well thought out to meet your needs while being generic and extensible enough not to be too bloated or rigid. Our focus is you, the customer. We are not married to a technology, we are partnered with you, and we will continue to work with you, be it with Flex or HTML.

There is a LOT of information to share about both the 3.0 release of our Flex products, as well as our journey porting a codebase as massive as Ultimate from Flex/ActionScript to DOJO/JQuery/EXT and JavaScript. We have posted a series of blog posts outlined below, please take your time to read and consume all of it, there is a lot of information to consume in one go:


Before we end, we are very eager to hear your thoughts. We got this far by listening to you, implementing your feature requests, learning from your customization of our products, and collaborating with you on strategic direction. So please, share your thoughts with us, we are eager to hear from you.