It is with great pleasure, that we are announcing the release of Flexicious 3.1. 

Major Changes:

New Components:

  • Treemap: Added a new control, the Flex Treemap, based upon the existing Charts API.  More details here
  • Calendar/Scheduler: Added a new control, the Spark based, Fully Skinnable, Mobile (and desktop/web) Ready, Calendar/Scheduler component. More details here.

Enhancements- All Products

  • Full support for Apache Flex 4.10 & 4.11.
  • Spark DataGrid: With the 3.1 release, the Spark DataGrid is getting closer to feature parity with MX than ever before. Not only did we (Flexicious) add a number of features, but it also got a lot of enhancements with the release of Apache Flex 4.10/4.11.  With this release, the Spark DataGrid supports Locked Columns, Locked Rows, Drag and Drop, Multiple Column Sort, and a lot more.  Flexicious has added better support for mobile use including support for drag column (you cannot drag and drop on mobile, because drag and scroll touch gestures overlap), preventing selection on scroll (since scrolling the default grid causes selection change), tap to unselect (since there is no control key to unselect on mobile), and more.

Other Changes:

Enhancements- All Products:

Ability to customize the name of the file generated by Alive PDF Export. Please download the new project, since the updated AlivePDFPrinter is also needed.


Enhancements- All Grids:

  • Support for footer export: All exporters (CSV, HTML, XML, TXT, XLS, XLSX) now support inclusion of footer values.  Added API to the column object to calculate the footer value: calculateFooterValue. Modified the Exporter API to include the data provider in the writeFooter method.  

 For those of you who have  customized exporters (or use the Sample code from Classic that customizes the export), you will need to modify the writeFooter method as such:

                          publicoverridefunction writeFooter(grid:IExtendedDataGrid, dataProvider:Object/*This was added in 3.1 remove it for prior to 3.1 library*/):String{

 For those of you who do not wish to export footers, please set:


  • Addition of the MultiSelectComboBoxEx, which allows for searchable multi select combo boxes.
  • Watermark label for Filter Text Input position correction.
  • Better localization support for Date Picker popup.


Enhancements- Dashboard Framework:

  • Charts: All charts now expose and respect a property called interactionEnabled. Its prudent to set this to false in print view mode.
  • For Air applications that require the Native Drag Manager, code was added to support drag and drop using the Native drag manager.  Previously, you had to enable the Flex Drag Manager and disable the native drag manager for Drag and Drop support.
  • Added flag to all charts: autoSizeLabels. This is useful when you want to rotate labels, and set them to a fixed size so they do not appear jagged.


Enhancements- Ultimate:

  • Added the columnVisibleChanged event.
  • Added the drag selection behavior. Added a flag, enableDragSelect, when you set this to true, the user can draw a rectangle using the mouse and in row selection mode, all rows underneath that rectangle are selected. In cell selection mode, all cells underneath that rectangle are selected.
  • Added support to all cells for copy. Previously you could only copy data cells.
  • enableListData flag: This is a flag to enable MX DataGrid style listData behavior. If set to true, and if your item renderer is an IDropinItemListener, its listData will be set similar to how it is set in the MX DataGrid.
  • Exposed the getCellFromMouseEventTarget(target:Object):IFlexDataGridCell method, so if you have a mouse event, you can get the associated parent flex datagrid cell object. 


Bug Fix- Dashboard Framework:

  • Zoom Slider: For the Zoom Slider Chart, there were a number of issues that were fixed. First, the slider was extended to support resize operations, and to reposition the handles when a resize occurs so the content continues to represent the original slice. Second, a bug related to handles not moving or moving past the edges has now been fixed.
  • If you had collapsed dashlets in saved preferences, print caused an error.
  • Calculation of the item underneath mouse for mouse rollover actions was not taking into account the skin.
  • Charts did not respect the animate flag.
  • Calculation of the item underneath mouse for mouse rollover actions was not taking into account the skin.
  • Line chart was drawing the data provider in reverse order.
  • 3D Pie chart roll over slice was not getting reset.
  • For all cartesian charts, the line separator between the axes and the chart area was not respecting the color of the vertical or horizontal grid lines.


Bug Fix- Classic:

  • Filter Value not being cleared when data provider changed, resulting in inconsistent results
  • Added defensive code for a number of SDK bugs in the ADG


Bug Fix- Ultimate:

  • When using icon rollover callout, if you had a grid reference, it was being set to the Tooltip Behavior resulting in an RTE.
  • When using Filter with dot notation based fields, null values were being ignored.
  • On collection change, we were not considering replace events. 
  • clearErrors method was not resetting the hasErrors property.
  • selectionMode of Single Row will automatically set enableSelectionBubble and enableSelectionCascade to false, thereby preventing error conditions.
  • Filler rows were not being fully drawn all the way to the edge of the grid correctly when horizontal scroll is enabled.
  • Filler rows were not being fully drawn all the way to the edge of the grid correctly.
  • In print view, some times resizing the column left the active color on the header.