Every few days, we get an email from our customers who are impressed by the product, and are kind enough to send us a note of appreciation. This is by far the greatest motivation for our team. This product has taken months and months to build, refine, rebuild, refine, polish, and bring to market, and it is when we get such feedback from our customers that makes it all worth it.

It makes us immensely proud to say that Flexicious is now being used at hundreds of companies, in dozens of countries across the globe. Investment Banks on Wall Street, Healthcare/Insurance Companies, Schools/Universities, Governments, Auto/Manufacturing companies, Individual Contractors, Software Development/Services Companies, we have them all! For a product that has been around less than a year, it is a major milestone. How did we do it? We listened, and we adapted. We have had 5 MAJOR releases in a span of 6 months, each with a significant feature set. These are things that YOU requested. In our conversations with prospects with large development teams, we often get asked - "What is your roadmap"? Our roadmap is what YOU, our valued Customers want our roadmap to be!

With no further ado, the gracious message that we mentioned earlier:

"Greetings Flexilicious Geniuses!

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what an absolutely fabulous product Flexilicious is. Your product stands far above anything I've seen and the price, licensing and support is absolutely fantastic.

My only problem was that I made using it TOO HARD! If I would have simply spent an extra 5 minutes understanding is universal connectivity to my database structure I would have been up and running almost instantly! 

Presently,I am running Flashbuilder 4 standard and using the data management tools. I can now wire up a Flexilicious grid to a data service with only a line or two of code in the result property of the callresponder and simply copy and paste the dataprovider and oncomplete code from a quickly generated adg grid w/dataservice into the flexililicious grid control. Then I just cut and paste the advanceddatagrid columns field and header code into the flexilicious sample grid columns and VOILA! Instant flexilicous grid.

The excel, pdf, print, filtering, etc. save so much time and impress the users so much I have vowed to never tell them that I didn't write the code myself!
I cannot say enough good things about you guys.

You are light years ahead of the competition.

Please feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial if you like and feel free to give out my email to anyone who you feel is a legitimate prospect for your product.

Paul: Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate them. Small correction, its Flexicious, not Flexilicious (No worries - you're not the first one!!). We are absolutely delighted to read this, and we won't tell your users either :-)