This has got to be among the most requested features. For the longest time, there was no clean way to provide built in support for right click. Flex has always had a acrimonious relationship with right click. There are a few implementations that interact with the browser and do some javascript trickery to make this work, but nothing has been clean enough for us to provide as a out-of-the-box solution.

So finally when earlier this year we Flash player provided official support for right click, we were able to tap into this new feature and provide a nice way to get you right click support, with a few easy properties and events.


  1. Set enableCustomContextMenu="true"
  2. Define your customContextMenuItems="{['Sample Item']}"
  3. Optional, Define itemRightClick event. where you can customize the list of customContextMenuItems if it is different for each cell.
  4. Define itemRightClickMenuSelect event, where you handle the right click menu selection response. 
Lets see what this looks like:

And here is the code that makes this happen:

RightClick.mxml (2.94 kb)