So last week, we announced some cool features that were pushed into 2.1. All of the features that went into 2.1 were specific to Ultimate. However, in the upcoming release (2.2), we will be adding a feature that has been high on our list for Classic - Compact Preferences. Currently, when we persist preferences, we build a massive XML string. In some grids, this string could grow up 20-30K characters. WE have implemented a much more compact mechanism for persisting and parsing these strings, and now we are able to persist most grids in under 1 K characters, and in some cases as little as 2-300 characters. There is a property, useCompactPreferences, which has been introduced which will default to false (in which case it will still use the older verbose persistence) but you can set this to true. We defaulted it to false so our Customers who upgrade do not run into issues with currently persisted strings.We have also done some code refactoring to ensure code reuse and the like, but nothing that affects public APIS.

Also - We added support for Persisting Column Groups of the Advanced datagrid in user preferences. This was not being persisted before.

That said, EXCITING new features in Ultimate:

1) Multi Column Sort : We've learnt from the experience of the DataVisualization team at Adobe, with the awkward multi column sort in the Advanced DataGrid from the SDK. It's almost painful to watch non techies try to use it. So we've tried to come up with a slightly better, more intuitive UI, hope it's clearer.

2) Column Groups : This is big, we're gonna create some really good looking Grids with grouped columns. Our Financial Clients are going to love this one. Want to see columns broken down by year and then quarter? Column Groups to the rescue...

3) Added Spinner Functionality to Ultimate : The much ignored but really super duper cool spinning ball that will mesmerize your users while the grid loads data!! Well, for those of you who didnt know, Classic has had a "Please Wait" Spinner for a while, but only a few of you adventurous ones have actually found it and used it. So for those who dont know, there are a couple of methods on Classic, showSpinner and hideSpinner, and these will be available on Ultimate in 2.2

4) Enhanced the Spinner so you will be able to define your own spinners: Dont like our spinner? But it spins!! Well, alteast its not the old MSOffice Clippit. But if you like the Clippit, go right ahead and implement it. Just use the spinnerFactory.

5) Added examples to demonstrate customization of the Print/Preview and Reporting functionality.

Oh, and we fixed a couple of bugs, and answered a million questions about Ultimate which we are in the process of compiling for a comprehensive FAQ.

We will be fleshing out more details about the above along with code examples as usual in short order, so keep sending us feedback on what you want to see!!