So it has been a couple weeks since we published Ultimate, and although its loaded with a MASSIVE number of features, there’s always room for improvement. The first couple of many such improvements has now been added to the demo.

  1. Hover over menus: We extended the functionality of the rich Tooltip feature to provide a hover over menu for each of the items. If you look at the “Show Hover Grid” example (towards the end), you can see this functionality in action.
  2. Drag and Drop: We now have built in support for drag and drop, with the ability for you to control what is draggable, where it can be dropped, and, what action to take on the data provider when the drag drop operation is complete. Check out the Drag Drop example (again towards the very end).
  3. Updated Print/Export: Ultimate now supports print/export criteria as well as the PrintExportDataRequest event, similar to Classic.
  4. Added examples on how to access and programatically update selectedKeys/objects with nested data. As an FYI, the ProgramaticCellNavigation example also demonstrates how to conditionally enable/disable the row selection. The checkbox selection is in synchronized with row selection, so that is taken care of by default in Ultimate as opposed to Classic.

We realize that the example code list is getting huge, but this is one of the things that our customers appreciate, having live examples of all available functionality.

We have had tremendous response to Ultimate, both from existing as well as prospective customers. We've reused all of the Classic components into Ultimate (Print, Export, Filter, Paging, Footer, Preferences) so we've built it on top of an already established and widely adopted code base. Ultimate took 3-4 times the amount of time and man hours as did Classic, and it is all worth it when we see the response we've had so far. We are working very hard to live up to the hype!!