"I'm having a problem with the ExtendedAdvancedDataGrid not repainting the screen after applying a filter" OR

"After I add an Item to the data provider, the grid does not refresh" OR

"The multi select combobox does not reflect new values when I refresh my data provider from the server"


There are a few methods that we expose, which depending on your situation, would be applicable:

If you want the content to reindex page numbers/re filter: The method you want is processFilter()

If you need the list content to repaint: invalidateList().

FYI – if you need filters/footers to rebuild  : refreshLayout()

If you need MultiSelectOptions to refresh using current state of the data Provider, recreateNonFilteredDataProvider();refreshLayout().


Update: For Ultimate, here are some more handy methods:

Rebuild: Rebuild the entire grid. Iterates through the data provider (current page), re-evaluvates the vertical positions of each item, Drops and recreates all cells. There are four functions that you can use to redraw the grid, on basis of what your needs are.

  • reBuild : Most expensive. Rebuilds the entire grid. This is also the most expensive function
  • reDraw : Removes the cells in view, and redraws them. Should be used when there are no additions/removals to the data provider
  • refreshCells : Resets the text,enabled, styles and border/background etc. of the currently visible cells. See the refreshCells() function for details.
  • invalidateCells : Least expensive. Only resets the border/background of the currently visible cells.