It almost feels like dejavu. This time last year, we were hard at working finishing up Ultimate. Spark datagrid was very primitive at the time (and compared to Ultimate, still is). However, there has been significant progress in terms of feature parity with MX, and although not quite there yet, it certainly is on its way. The time was right for us to jump in and add a little bit of our Flexicious Sparkle  to the Spark DataGrid :-)

So, with no further ado, presenting... the all new.. Flexicious SPARK datagrid extension!! Check out the demo here.

With the addition of this new product, we're changing our pricing a little bit, in that we're eliminating the USD 299 option. It was very small percentage of our sales anyway. Now, for USD 799.99 you get all five of our products - Classic, Advanced, Spark, Ultimate, and SQLEDT.  You can purchase unlimited domains, and the entire Flexicious source code as add-ons as well. This opens up the opportunity for our Single Developer customers to have access to unlimited domains/source, something a lot of you have asked for.

For existing customers, there is an option to add the new Spark DataGrid Extension to your product portfolio by paying the difference, just use the request quote form.