Introducing Flexicious ULTIMATE

clock March 7, 2011 07:04 by author Flexicious


As most of you have realized, this week we launched a new product, the Flexicious Ultimate DataGrid. We designed the product to cater to some highly complex UI requirements from our customers, that were simply not possible to accomplish with the SDK grids. All of the Flexicious code was incorporated into Ultimate, so those of you who have been working with Flexicious will find it very easy to use Ultimate if you upgrade.

Writing Ultimate was much more effort than Flexicious Classic, because we built this product from the ground up. This means most of our classes inherit from UIComponent, with very limited SDK dependencies. This also means that we have no architectural limitations that prevent us from being able to accommodate complex UI requirements, which in the past were simply not possible. Ultimate comes out of the box with a very large number of features, but within just a few days of its release, we have received tremendous response and are already short listing additional features to be added to it. Our goal is to make Ultimate walk on water :-).

These are exciting times for Flexicious, and we invite you to download the trial, and experience the magic!