Update 7/02: Upcoming dashboard widgets : Spark based MicroCharts/Tiny Charts

Update 6/25: We've just released 2.8, which adds a number of widgets (Circular, Linear, and Traffic light Gauges) to the dashboard framework. Check it out!

The Flexicious Dashboard Framework is a new product from Flexicious that empowers RIA developers to provide feature rich, expressive, highly customizable, and deeply engaging dashboard experience to their users.

It provides you with a lot of the base functionality that is standard in dashboard applications, in addition to a number of highly productive features that is sure to WOW your customers.

Right out of the box, you get:
A container for your dashboard that provides;

  •     Support for configurable layout of dashlets, and provision for users to move and resize dashlets, integrated with preference persistence so dashboard loads exactly how the user left it.
  •     Ability to organize dashlets in zones. Ability to drag and drop dashlets between zones, again with preference persistence mechanism.
  •     Ability to Print Preview and Print the dashboard or a single dashlet
  •     Ability to export the Dashboard to PDF
  •     Ability for your users to save the current view of the dashboard via preferences
  •     Ability Show/Hide Dashlets, control which dashlets appear where and at what size.
  •     An auto refresh mechanism
  •     Ability to control dashlet operations including:
    •         Move dashlets via a convenient drag and drop
    •         Resize dashlets
    •         Expand/Collapse Dashlets
    •         Open/Close Dashlets
    •         Maximize/Minimize Dashlets
    •         Loading Animation
  •     Based on the Spark skinning model, provides the ability to completely skin the look and feel of the dashboard as well as the dashlets.
  •     A number of professional, excellent looking built in skins

Check out the demo here
Read the getting started guide here.
Get the PDF copy of the Getting Started Guide here.
Download the trial here