Question : "Could you point me to a tutorial or sample app that stores the open items on NestedDataGrid, then after updating of the dataProvider, opens up the same items on the displayed datagrid."

Answer :  


Have you set a selectedKeyField? Here is a key piece of information: The grid stores the list of open items in grid.openItems. When you replace the dataprovider, the grid will clear out the open items array, unless you set clearOpenItemsOnDataProviderChange to false. But even if you set it to false, for the grid to keep track of what is truly open, it needs to know which “object” in your dataprovider is open. Now, for this the default test is object equality. So, if you change the dataprovider, object equality test will fail, and items will still be closed (because the same business object in the new dataprovider may not match object equality test for the version of it in the old dataprovider – setting the selectedKeyField helps us bypass this problem by identifying ‘open’ and ‘selected’ records post a dataprovider refresh. please read this link to understand : ). So, there are 2 options


1)       Set clearOpenItemsOnDataProviderChange to true (default) and set grid.openItems manually after you set the dataprovider

2)       Set clearOpenItemsOnDataProviderChange to false, and let grid maintain openItems, but set the selectedKeyField when you do this so the grid knows which object in the new dataprovider are equal to the ones from the old.



Attached is a sample


SelectionOptions.mxml (4.57 kb)