Usually, we're a less talk more results kinda company. We add a massive set of features, or completely new components and then announce them to the world. We're taking a little bit of a different approach here, in the interest of involving customers sooner rather than later. So we would like to announce that we are now in the process finalizing the release of Flexicious 3.1 with exciting new components - Flex TreeMap as well as the Flex Calendar/Scheduler AND are wrapping up a version of Flexicious Ultimate for Android and iOS.

Yup, you heard that right. PURE Native Android DataGrid and iOS DataGrid components.

The iOS Team has put up a website <>, please feel free to contact our iOS team with any comment or suggestions. 

Our Flex team is busier than ever with a lot of consulting work porting Flex projects from Desktop To Air Mobile. We have developed a series of components that are sorely missing in the Air Mobile space. We've skinned a lot of the built in ones to be touch friendly. We are in the process of packaging these into production quality components that can speed up your Mobile development. There is SO much activity here at flexicious sometimes it is hard to keep up with the various teams!!

A number of the components are at a fairly stable beta state, and we can get you the bits if you are interested prior to the release, please use the Contact Us Form.