Some Print Related questions:

Is there a way to force Flexicious to print multiline / wordwrap content.
-> On your datagrid, try setting variableRowHeight=true, and wordWrap=true. Please see attached example for a demonstration.
MultilineTest.mxml (4.39 kb)

Another issue we have is the font size of the print out, it is too large so we aren’t able to fit much content, is there a way to decrease the font size for printing purposes
-> You can do this by applying a global stylesheet. See style.css from our sample and search for PrintDataGrid. You can specify font-size in there.

One other issue is we like to print out large data grids on 11x17 paper, and that’s not one of the options for PDF or printing.
-> You should be able to add a custom page size in MyPreviewRenderer.mxml. Please see attached MyPrintPreviewRenderer.mxml that demonstrates how to add your own custom page size. Please note, adding a page size here, or changing the orientation does not actually print. It just shows you a preview. Flex runs inside the browsers security sandbox, and we have no means of accessing the print dialog.

MyPreviewRenderer.mxml (9.79 kb)