A number of our customers have asked this question, so it might be something that you would like to add to your charts. As most of you are aware, the Flexicious Dashboard Charts are completely Skinnable. They inherit from SkinnableComponent, thereby coming with all the skinning goodness from Flex. One of the biggest advantages of this is that you can easily go into the skin and put a scroller around the chart area, while keeping the vertical axis out of the scroller, there by locking it in place. This example demonstrates the beauty of the Spark framework, where by with no changes to the actual code of the component, you can implement a feature which would have taken an unhealthy amount of code (and caffiene) in the old MX world. No wonder a number of our customers are switching to the new Flexicious Spark Charts. 

Below is the screenshot and the code associated. 



ScrollableCharts.mxml (3.25 kb)


ScrollableChartSkin.mxml (3.44 kb)