The Spark DataGrid got a significant boost with the release of Apache Flex 4.10 and 4.11. One of the major additions was  the introduction of built in drag and drop functionality. With this, Spark DataGrid is capable of the same Drag Copy, Drag Move and Drag Reorder features of the MX DataGrid. We added some basic bug fixes around this, especially with the new skins that the spark datagrid ships with, but the one key thing we added was support for drag and drop when in mobile mode.

The issue here is that the user gesture for scroll, and drag and drop is the same. This makes it incredibly hard for the user to actually do the drag and drop without triggering a scroll. So we basically added support for drag and drop via a custom drag grip column. All you have to do is to set enableDragColumn=true, and our product does the rest!


Below are the screen shots:


And on Mobile, this would look like :