With the release of the Apache Flex 4.10 SDK, comes the codebase from Adobe’s final few months of work on Flex Next (which was to be Flex 5.0). This is code that Adobe was almost finished with, but was not a part of the Flex 4.6 SDK. Among these changes were a list of enhancements to the Spark DataGrid to bring it on par with MX. Features like multi column sort, locked columns and rows, as well as drag and drop were added.

As most of you are aware, at Flexicious, we have an extension to the SDK Spark DataGrid that adds features like filter, footer, paging, print, export, persistence and a lot more. As a part of Flexicious 3.1, we added support for Apache Flex 4.10 to this release. Almost all of the Flexicious code is pretty SDK version agnostic, but there are always some differences between the API’s of the various SDKs that leads to some version mismatches. Since the API for the Spark DataGrid changed a lot between SDK 4.6 and 4.10, the Flexicious libraries built for Flex SDK 4.6 (especially for the Spark libraries) will not work with SDK 4.6. Starting Flexicious 3.11, we are adding full support for Apache Flex 4.10 and 4.11.

Most of the work around this was under the hood, so you do not have to worry about it. However, the biggest change really is the skin. Since Spark DataGrid added locked columns in 4.10, the skins changed to house the various locked sections. In addition, the layout algorithms had to change to accommodate various locked skin parts. In this blog post, there is both the older and the newer skin attached. For source customers who use the Spark DataGrid, there is a folder underneath skins, called Apache.


This was by far the most time consuming part of our efforts to fully support Apache Flex 4.10 (and 4.11). For those of you who are going to be transitioning to Apache Flex, unless you have custom skins for you DataGrid components, transitioning to the Apache Flex SDK should be quite painless. We strongly encourage our customers and the Flex community in general to upgrade to the latest Apache Flex release. It not only has a much larger expanded set of components, but also adds features to existing ones. 

Extended Spark DataGrid Skin : 

ExtendedSparkDataGridSkin.mxml (14.04 kb)

Extended Spark DataGrid Skin (Apache): 

ExtendedSparkDataGridSkin.mxml (16.96 kb)

In addition to the support for Apache Flex 4.10 and 4.11, we put a lot of effort in making the grid suitable for mobile use. The stock Spark DataGrid is not optimized for mobile use. However, we've managed to override a lot of the built in functionality to add support for mobile use including Drag and Drop (http://blog.flexicious.com/post/Spark-DataGrid-Drag-and-Drop.aspx), scrolling without affecting selection, multiple column sort (http://blog.flexicious.com/post/Spark-DataGrid-Multi-Column-Sort.aspx) and more!!