This is just a quick update for our customers. Our U.S office is shut down due to Hurricane Sandy. Team members have very limited access to Internet. We will post updates as soon as it is practically possible.

Update 11/1 :


  • NJ Office still closed without power/internet. SVN repo down, so consulting services customers who use our Repo will not have access. Please contact your Account Manager if you need the source, we have access to nightly backups.
  • Cloud Repos are available, so builds and licenses should start shipping this morning. For new license purchases this week, contact us if you have not received licensed files.
  • Support personnel have very limited network access, so technical support will be delayed. Once backlog starts to clear, we should be back to regular response times.


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Update 11/5

Power is back, all systems are on and all repositories are now online and available. We're now going through all backed up support tickets, and are working hard to clear through the backlog. Thank you for your patience over the past week.