As most of you are aware, all the popup windows that the grid launches, like the print, print preview, export, settings, save settings are all plug-ins. You can specify your own popup in case you want to customize their behavior. The latest release, 3.2 has a new popup, SettingsPopupUltimate that has some cool enhancements over the previous version:

  • A Tree based view of the columns that is helpful to show individual columns as well as columns inside column groups
  • A searchable screen to allow large sets of columns to easily be managed.
  • Ability to move columns as well as groups of columns up and down.
  • For grids that have inner level columns (grids inside grids), ability to manage inner level columns.


Let us see what this looks like: 



For those of you who want to further customize this popup, it is attached below.

SettingsPopupUltimate.mxml (13.88 kb)


The way you provide your own is:

grid.popupFactorySettingsPopup = new ClassFactory(YourSettingsPopupUltimate);

Hope you find this useful!