For those of you reading our blog regularly, you are probably aware this release is heavy on performance and memory optimization. 

But that does not mean we did not enhance/add features. This blog post covers an interesting use case that we added support for.

You may have read our announcement from ealier this year that we added drag and drop grouping support : 

One of our customers wanted to extend this drag and drop grouping support to inner level tables. Now we realize this is a edge case, but since we already had all the code for grouping at the top level ready, we could easily extend that to accomplish the scenario this specfic customer was looking for.

Basically, what they asked for was this:

3)      We need to ask you to add the following features to the Flexicious Ultimate DataGrid :

a.      Dynamic Group in combination with nested tables. We need to be able to Dynamic Group any column of any table (no matter its nested level). Of course that the grouping  will take place in the nested tabled related to the field being grouped.

So we did this. Below is the screenshot of this feature:



Below is the sample code used. Please note, to run this, you need to have the latest version (upcoming 3.3) of the Flexicious library. If you have a valid subscription, please request a build or if you wish to evalualte, please download a trial. (134.27 kb)