We often get questions from our clients about their need for customization of Flexicious's capabilities. One such question that recently came in was the ability to add watermarks to the Printout. Now, this not supported by the product out of the box. However, the architecture of Flexcious makes it easy to build on top of the product, it was designed to be extensible in this way. So, attached, please find a Flex 3 project (the usual drill remains - you need to drop in AlivePDF and the licensed Flexicious library files in the libs folder).

One thing about this example - although what we are trying to demonstrate here is a very specific customization scenario, the approach is very similar to what you would need to do with any customization - extend and plugin. So Extend the Flexicious class that is responsible for the feature you wish to customize, override the methods you need to override, and plug it in via the approrpriate mechanism (this ususally means specifying the Class Factory for the renderer)




Watermark.fxp (16.65 kb)