We just had a feature packed release for Flexicious 1.4, and we're already looking at what's coming for Flexicious 1.5... for those of you who cant wait, we'll have a beta at the end of this month (may be even sooner), but here is a partial list of what's coming. BTW, these are things that you, our customers and prospects have asked for. We're listening, so please feel free to make suggestions!

Enhancement: Added enablePrint and enableExport properties which can be used in binding the CustomPagerControl.
Enhancement: Added enableLocalFilePersistence property to ExportOptions, to leverage local file persistence of Flash Player 10
Enhancement: Added code to MyPreviewRenderer.mxml to demonstrate how to persist PDF locally
Enhancement: Added tab and arrow key support to Filter rows
Enhancement: Added a method, setFilterFocus to set focus on any filter field
Enhancement: Added a method, setFocusOnNextFocusableFilterControl to set focus on the first focusable filter field in the filter list
Enhancement: Added styling support for filters: New style properties filterBorderColor,footerBorderColor,filterBorderThickness,footerBorderThickness,filterBorderSides,footerBorderSides Added.    Enhancement: Added a new Filter Control: NumericTextInput to restrict input to numeric characters
Enhancement: Added the "Does Not Contain" filter criteria
Existing clients will need to get the following files when you get the latest swc (either from the updated sample that we send you or via view->source on the demo):

  DynamicFilterControl.mxml (Focus support, needed only if you are using dynamic filters)

->Fix: Address export issues for hierarchical XML data
->Fix: Addressed the sortCompareFunction issue
->Fix: FilterPageSortChange did not have the cause on sort
->Fix: Addressed the bug where selecting Custom on the date combobox caused duplicate filter events