In our Flexicious grids, a double-click usually opens a small popup form for editing the record.  We pass an object to that popup which is altered on edit/save and it appears to correctly update the grid with the new values when the popup is closed (because the object is being passed by reference).

What we’re noticing is that when the grid is sorted, occasionally (at least 50% of the time) the selected record actually moves by one or two indexes in the grid.  It’s not a huge issue, since the record is still updating correctly in the grid, but it’s a little weird.....


This behaviour is a byproduct of using the filterFunction along with sort on. In filterPageSortMode=client, flexicious leverages the fiterFunction property of Adobe's ICollectionView. When you turn this on, the grid refreshes on each update to any object within the dataprovider. The post below summarizes this issue very well:

Attached, is a file that demonstrates this same issue with the Adobe DataGrid, and a way to bypass it.
In short - you could either disable Auto Update, or use the modified ArrayCollection. If you disable autoupdate, you may have to manually call processFilter on the grid, which will refresh the grid UI for you.



FlexiciousSandbox.mxml (4.43 kb)