I have found the examples provided to be very helpful but I seem to be a little confused by the operation of CustomPagerControl.mxml.

ExtendedAdvancedDataGrid.enablePaging is the flag  to activate ExtendedAdvancedDataGrid.pagerRenderer but CustomPagercontrol.mxml contains an HBox(paging controls) that has a dependency on ExtendedAdvancedDataGrid.enablePaging.  If the renderer is not enabled (enablePaging=false), why would the HBox need to be disabled (not visible, not in the layout)?  Conversely, if the renderer is enabled, why would the HBox need to also be enabled?  And finally, how would you enable the renderer and not enable the HBox (hide the paging controls)?


The CustomPagerControl is something we provide, as an example of how you can completely customize the Pager Control. Back in the day when it was introduced, it used to have just the paging buttons. But most of our clients have added all sorts of functionality to it, and made it like the "toolbar" of the Flexicious Grid. Taking a cue from what our clients were doing with it, we updated the sample control to be the "toolbar" that most of our clients wanted anyway. So in essence, you could easily have a grid, with no paging enabled, but still want the pager bar (because it has all the other buttons). In order to not break any API's, we added a new property, "forcePager" which will show the pager bar regardless of the enablePaging flag.

While you are at it, do check out the "displayOrder" property - you can control in what order you want the different sections of the grid (header, footer, pager, filter) to show!