1. Is there a way to set a column in the grid as not printable? For example my Edit and Delete image columns.
-> Yes, use the excludeFromPrint and excludeFromExport on the column
2. Is there a way to set the defaults for your print options? Like for example I want it to default to "Landscape".
-> Not in this version, but the upcoming version will have this, in addition to being able to persist the print preferences.


3. Can you help me figure out your echoPDF (and getting rid of your titles that show up on the pdf etc...)
-> This is completely customizable. The tiles show up because they are provided as a place holder in the following files:
MyPageFooter,. MyPageHeader, MyReportFooter and MyReportHeader. (The names of these files dont matter either, they can be whatever you set them to be in
MyPrintOptions, and the name of MyPrintOptions does not matter either, it can be whatever you call in your PrintController.print(grid, SomePrintOptions.create()).
The idea is that all of these files are provided so you can completely customize the behavior of the functionality, but it works out of the box with no changes.)
Feel free to modify any file that starts with the "My" Prefix.
In regards to the echo pdf, please review this:

Also, in our sample code, we demonstrate how the Export can be customized, by plugging in a completely new Exporter, MyDocExporter to the list of exporters.